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‘Tis the season

After the magic of Thanksgiving tryptophan has worn off and you’re left with nothing but regret and your huge, lumbering thighs…it’s time to think of diets and cheerier times ahead. For those of you attempting to abort your food babies … Continue reading

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What Are You Thankful For?

This glorious Thanksgiving 2010 I am thankful for:   Cableknits in perpetuity: From the sweaters of my relatives to the tights currently chafing my belly button ring, it’s amazing how much one pattern can seamlessly tie generations together. Four loko…getting … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving break- a speculative summary through images.

Because I’m so excited to get out of the city and return to the SUV ridden streets of home sweet home, I thought I’d  summarize what will happen in the next few days. Or actually today, as in 11 hours … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Bennet is kicking ass and taking names.

This morning after my virgin squagel outing (it’s a bagel shaped like a square, oh Cosi what will you think of next) and requisite shower to wash away any remnants of last nights frat “rave”, I came across an odd … Continue reading

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Madness? This…is… Lilly!

There comes a time in ones life when you have to make sacrifices for the things you truly believe in. For many of us, that was skipping dollar drink Thursdays in order to see the Harry Potter premiere at midnight. … Continue reading

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Because there is only one Chuck Bass.

I just left my print advertising class where I’m floundering about mid-project (J Crew catalog, design and copy. Yes please.) and I’m sorry to recant this disastrous conversation. In the senior level packaging course which I so wisely opted out … Continue reading

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Literacy – Don’t call it a comeback.

My two favorite books are as follows; The Great Gatsby, and To Give A Mouse A Cookie. Both carry similar laissez faire themes of greediness, lust, and desire while teaching us that everything is not how we perceive it to … Continue reading

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