What a wonderful day.

I’m simply brimming with happiness. So utterly content, I celebrated my good mood with cottage cheese and a pale ale.


March means a bevy of things. Only two more weeks left of thesis before I spend a week in Florida and then an entire term of doing whatever the hell I want. (DIY projects I will pass off as homework in sculpture II, loitering in Rittenhouse, actually getting a chance to read and write in pretentious coffeehouses by Rittenhouse, living the dream, etc. etc.)

It’s also my birthday month, and I just received a phone call from Tavern on Broad detailing my free open bar I won for March 31st. Clearly meaning my 22nd birthday (March 29) bat-mitzvah theme has pleased a higher power, and it is through divine intervention I have a cheap but not 18 year old ridden venue. L’chaim.

On top of all this, some of my classes were canceled and I had time to indulge in the newest issue of Matchbook Magazine, complete with an article by my amazingly talented friend Brooke. She gives beauty and make-up advice, and this girl knows exactly what she’s talking about.

I was also finally able to peruse the March Anthropologie and J. Crew catalogs which had been forlornly sitting in my room. All of this was accomplished with the cat on my lap the entire damn time. BEAT MY MORNING, I DARE YOU.

The only downside was having my mayorship of Nesbitt Hall (via foursquare, not some delusion of grandeur) cruelly stolen from me. I shall take it back with swift vengeance.

Two posts ago I went so far as to say that Madewell’s spring collection might have even rivaled her more popular siblings lookbook. With the same fervor I anticipate on reclaiming my mayorship, J. Crew has bitch slapped Madewell right in the face.

(All of these photos were taken offline, there is no way I’m spending time
scanning the catalog)

The conventional striped sweater over the artistically ripped jean shorts…we’ve seen the same thing season after season. However, the additional sparkle and chambray shirt switches things into high gear. Or really makes it as intense as J. Crew can get.
That’s fucking right you can wear this to brunch.

Speaking of intense, I really like how they’re throwing a leather jacket into the mix, perfecting the balance of girly and potentially abrasive/tough. Like yin and yang, or the Sith vs. the republic. Except the light sabers are color coordinated to your chosen outfit.

J. Crew is still partnered up with Sperry, and I’m pretty obsessed with these twill slices of coral heaven. They’re cheery without being completely obnoxious like my patent orange ones. However, in my remaining months on campus I need to leave my mark in some shape or form. What better way to be remembered as, “that complete bitch with the orange shoes.”

And finally, Madewell doesn’t have this guy. J. Crew, I salute you once again.

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