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Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall 2011

“It’s getting colder, so you know what that means….you can get fat again. But not you girls, that wouldn’t be good. You think you’re chilly being skinny? Try sleeping alone.” -Tosh.O While we’re still reveling in the first few flakes … Continue reading

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It’s like staring into the sun.

Yes my friends, that is indeed a young(er) Patrick Dempsey gracing the cover of a 1997 J. Crew. Obviously the art director had impeccable taste, and I’m glad to see evidence of a higher power before our impending doom in … Continue reading

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O hai Ryan Reynolds

Behold, the comfiest chair…ever. This slip cover was knitted by an insane South African woman and sold via Etsy for the tune of $690. When I look at this, I don’t think of drinking hot cocoa before a roaring fire … Continue reading

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Glam Slampiece

Hands down best walk of shame outfit, ever. Too bad she looks so miserable. Photo via Carol Han.

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Holiday Wish List

Since everyone has been making holiday wish lists and this blog is made up of nothing but  narcissistic and trivial posts anyway, I thought I’d contribute as well. Cooperative Tromp L’oeil Eyeglass Case For $10, Urban Outfitters finally did something … Continue reading

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Jeff Koons

What I admire most about Jeff Koons is that he doesn’t have any martyr-like qualities that are so consistent with other contemporary artists. He set out to make beautiful things, acquire currency, get famous, and had no qualms about it. … Continue reading

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Resisted the urge to post a MLIB comment.

There is some part of me that just wants to give up now and make ironically designed stationary for a living. Luckily, the other part is tired of existing off of brussel sprouts, oatmeal, and liquor. And the other part … Continue reading

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