Thanks everyone!

You know the scene at the end of Planet Of The Apes when Charleston Heston collapses to the ground, a broken shadow of himself as he gazes at the ruins of the Statue of Liberty? That’s pretty much how I feel right now after Erin Express. (It’s University City St. Patricks Day, part 1 of 3)

But this post is not about my body hating me. Or how awesome Boston Market was earlier today. It’s a thank you for all the kind words about my thesis. I can’t stress enough how grateful I am for everyone’s support. Or for at least not talking shit to my face.

In the spirit of shameless self-promotion you can view the live site here, which contains three of the chapters and an explanation of how they are purely exaggerations rather than an autobiographical view of the world.

If you could please like the page on Facebook I will be forever indebted to you. I’m making infographics dealing with the analytics of the site that will be presented along with the physical book when I deliver my thesis next Tuesday. If any Drexelites want to come, Meghan’s at 3, I’m at 3:30, Aviva’s at 4, and Mike is at 4:30. The awesome line-up was almost purely coincidence.

The following is a hideous and confusing flowchart that was originally intended for the chapter on suburbia, but I was just too burnt out to rework it. I’ll start posting stuff that didn’t make the cut for the book more regularly, if only to make me feel like I wasn’t completely wasting my time.

In a perfect world it should expand when you click on it.

Once again, thank you. And feel free to point out grammatical errors, I misuse commas and semicolons like it’s my job.

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