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Thanks everyone!

You know the scene at the end of Planet Of The Apes when Charleston Heston collapses to the ground, a broken shadow of himself as he gazes at the ruins of the Statue of Liberty? That’s pretty much how I … Continue reading

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What a wonderful day.

I’m simply brimming with happiness. So utterly content, I celebrated my good mood with cottage cheese and a pale ale. IT’S MARCH FIRST. March means a bevy of things. Only two more weeks left of thesis before I spend a … Continue reading

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In anticipation of porching

Well folks, it’s the end of week eight and reality has finally set in. Those on thesis are sleeping in the labs, or just not sleeping at all. To put my situation more poetically: I’m completely fucked. However, I plan … Continue reading

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The injustices of fluorescent lighting

I’m currently sitting in the library because I know if I don’t write my final papers here they’ll be lost to the abyss known as four in the morning. That’s when I suddenly realize I have work other than thesis, … Continue reading

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Golf Clap For Madewell

I’ve always regarded Madewell as J. Crew’s less popular and more introverted sister. The sibling that could be found muffling sobs under the bleachers, as she watched the cheerleaders practice dances she couldn’t perform well enough for try-outs. That girl … Continue reading

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Daniel Radcliffe, will you be my valentine?

Oh Valentines Day. I’d rather not think of it as singles awareness day like some of my more cynical brethren, but as a thinly veiled plot by the Lifetime channel to emasculate the population and drive up ratings if only … Continue reading

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