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The injustices of fluorescent lighting

I’m currently sitting in the library because I know if I don’t write my final papers here they’ll be lost to the abyss known as four in the morning. That’s when I suddenly realize I have work other than thesis, … Continue reading

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A Line A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

I’m currently in the the middle of The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald and completely engrossed by it. He is the king of making biting reality and horribly vapid people come across as glamorous and poetic. There is … Continue reading

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It’s like staring into the sun.

Yes my friends, that is indeed a young(er) Patrick Dempsey gracing the cover of a 1997 J. Crew. Obviously the art director had impeccable taste, and I’m glad to see evidence of a higher power before our impending doom in … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Bennet is kicking ass and taking names.

This morning after my virgin squagel outing (it’s a bagel shaped like a square, oh Cosi what will you think of next) and requisite shower to wash away any remnants of last nights frat “rave”, I came across an odd … Continue reading

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