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An open thank you letter to

Last week I came across a horribly depressing realization- I no longer owned shoes with traction. With a snowstorm of epic proportions on the way and disaster imminent- I did what a sane person would do in similarly dire situations… … Continue reading

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A Pirate’s Life For Me

I’ve always admired the bohemian look but could never pull off the windswept scarves and full-length skirts that evoke a care-free attitude. That’s reserved for the Jack Sparrow’s of the world and I gave up smoking years ago. However, I’m … Continue reading

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All you need is a mini bar.

As a child my greatest pride was owning every piece of Kitchen Littles known to man. For those of you who are not familiar with Kitchen Littles, they were a line of teensy plastic foods and kitchen appliances that were … Continue reading

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January can be a cruel bitch.

Let’s face it: winter sucks. You’re cold, you’re wet, and more often than not you’re pissed off at the elements. While one may argue that you can’t hold snow and sleet against Mother Nature, it’s your G-d given right to … Continue reading

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I wonder how many calories there are in glitter.

This short video done by Ely Kim and commissioned by Kate Spade is pretty freaking adorable. However, it begs the question of how much glitter one can eat before becoming violently ill. It reminds me of the time Jessica Simpson … Continue reading

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Picture Perfect

When I first stumbled across these pictures from The NY Times it looked like the most enchanting and idyllic scene…until I read the accompanying article. Sandra Foster refurbished and decorated a tiny 9 x 14 foot cottage in the Catskills … Continue reading

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For those of you who are unaware, TFM or Total Frat Move is one of the most beautiful web sites in existence. A friend told me about it during co-op, and I will always be grateful for the referral. It’s … Continue reading

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