Ikea: Swedish for Ironic Presentations

There’s something magical about Ikea. The fluorescently lit show rooms. The amusing and unpronouceable Swedish words that probably translate into obscenities. The fifty cent hot dogs and dollar frozen yogurts that have constituted many of my nutritionally balanced dinners.

While I (hopefully) won’t have to live with their crap furniture that much longer, I do appreciate their theoretical design aesthetics.

Like this wonderful cook book by photographer Carl Kleiner and food stylist Evelina Brateli, Hemakat ar Bast (Homemade is Best)

They artistically lay out the raw portions of the recipe on one page, and on the other the completed baked good.

I like the minimalist approach they’re taking. While the cohesive result may look daunting, one can always refer to the beginning photograph and realize it’s all just butter and sugar and berries. And so many, many calories.

Not only is this book gorgeous, but has a certain yuppie appeal to it. I would love to have this, but it seems unnecessary with all the stockpiled decades worth of Gourmet in our basement. I can only assume the filled bookshelves are in case of a nuclear threat, and we’re confined to our home with an unlimited supply of semi-sweetened chocolate and ducks eggs.

Or the second coming, whichever comes first.

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