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I wonder how many calories there are in glitter.

This short video done by Ely Kim and commissioned by Kate Spade is pretty freaking adorable. However, it begs the question of how much glitter one can eat before becoming violently ill. It reminds me of the time Jessica Simpson … Continue reading

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Hah, finals.

Since printing went fabulously well  like some sort of Chanukah miracle, I thought I’d share some of the holiday spirit. In and out of the labs in under 2.5 hours with minimal color corrections and cursing at monitors and printers … Continue reading

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Because there is only one Chuck Bass.

I just left my print advertising class where I’m floundering about mid-project (J Crew catalog, design and copy. Yes please.) and I’m sorry to recant this disastrous conversation. In the senior level packaging course which I so wisely opted out … Continue reading

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Literacy – Don’t call it a comeback.

My two favorite books are as follows; The Great Gatsby, and To Give A Mouse A Cookie. Both carry similar laissez faire themes of greediness, lust, and desire while teaching us that everything is not how we perceive it to … Continue reading

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