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Golf Clap For Madewell

I’ve always regarded Madewell as J. Crew’s less popular and more introverted sister. The sibling that could be found muffling sobs under the bleachers, as she watched the cheerleaders practice dances she couldn’t perform well enough for try-outs. That girl … Continue reading

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“My heart may be black, but my shorts are Nantucket red.” – TFM

For the first time in my four years at Drexel, I was allowed to pick my own brand for an advertising class. Halle-fucking-lujah. At this time last year I was forced to do a series of Sunoco print ads highlighting … Continue reading

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Because there is only one Chuck Bass.

I just left my print advertising class where I’m floundering about mid-project (J Crew catalog, design and copy. Yes please.) and I’m sorry to recant this disastrous conversation. In the senior level packaging course which I so wisely opted out … Continue reading

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Whenever I think of “The Factory Store,” child laborers immediately come to mind.

I’ve officially done it. Through the scholarly trials and tribulations of my hangover paired with arguing with my little brother via his facebook status, I have done the impossible. It’s taken me years, nay lifetimes in the metaphorical sense, but … Continue reading

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