Junya Watanabe

I was completely awestruck by these fair isle blazers from Junya Watanabe. It’s the blissful marriage of a well-beloved preppy pattern with a twist even the most sullenly ironic hipster would enjoy. They would look just as great in a casual setting with jeans and boots or for a startlingly trendy look at the office.

The models are just as interesting as the jackets, and fit Junya’s “techno couture” niche. The second model is adorable but what girl wouldn’t love the handlebar moustache on the third? The same type that doesn’t appreciate a monocle. Heartless.
All images via The Sartorialist.

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Pinterest- aesthetic crack

I’ve spoken before of my obsession with tumblr- there is nothing like an unending stream of quotes, fashion, food, and J Crew scans for the win. There’s also a hell of a lot of emo crap clogging it up as well, and some of the people I follow are more hit or miss. The bitter and angry high schoolers apparently have the most time to scour the internet for cool photos, and the juxtaposition of good design and alarmingly violent images are never that far off. It’s not that big of a deal, I just would rather not have my morning oatmeal ruined with pictures of hurt animals. You bastards.

Not the case with pinterest, which is the more discriminating and bitchy version of tumblr. I applied for it about a week ago, and got the green light today. The people posting are predominantly designers, bloggers, artists, ie. people who have a (hopefully) aesthetic eye.

I’ve already spent a good amount of time on the site, which spells disaster for all the work I have left on thesis. My pinterest page is here, and if you want an invite just hit up Danielle or I or simply apply.

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A Line A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

I’m currently in the the middle of The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald and completely engrossed by it. He is the king of making biting reality and horribly vapid people come across as glamorous and poetic. There is passage right around the time when Gloria (the female protaganist, modeled after his own wife Zelda) agrees to marry Anthony (modeled after himself) and needs a moment for reflection. She pulls out her “A line a day” notebook to reminisce about former flames before crossing out the last few lines and writing “finis.”

Earlier that day I came across Paper Sources “One Line a Day” journal and thought it was truly exquisite. I’m not one for putting down my innermost thoughts to paper, as I am well aware that everything has the potential for blackmail. However I feel like I could make an exception for this little notebook. Even though it costs about the same as a bottle of Smirnoff, which arguably allows for more if not the same amount of reflection. So much for new years resolutions.

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“You can pull my bumblebee print out of my cold, dead fingers.”

Growing up in the lovely town of Sharon, Massachusetts had its ups and downs. I received a good education, but put up with constant debilitating and emotionally scarring remarks because I wasn’t in honors math. I got to see the Patriots players driving around town, but our high school football team was ridiculed by the state. The last thing I had to worry about was anti-Semitism, but was forced to watch Schindlers List in a public school setting. We boast the largest number of Holocaust death camp survivors in North America (thanks wikipedia) and are always the state tennis champs.

With that said, I was excited to get out after high school and see the world for “realsies.”

One of the things I discovered the provincial town of Sharon was missing is an abundance of Lilly Pulitzer. This makes complete sense considering it’s a waspy brand and the japs I dealt with in the early millenia leaned towards Michael Stars or Juicy Couture. Less happy brands if you will.

So you can understand my complete infatuation with Lilly. It’s obnoxiously cheerful, and the colorful prints scream day drinking like no other.

My favorites from the newly arrived spring 2011 collection are the Whitaker printed dress (pictured above)

the tate-skirt

and of course, the completely practical leila lace shift.

The light at the end of the tunnel known as winter thesis is spring break. I’m going to some resort in Florida with a group of friends and I can’t wait to pull out my Carrie dip dye dress. Margaritaville will never be the same.

However, one teeters on a precariously thin line with some of these prints. For example, this disturbing image I found on tumblr.The nausea factor was dangerously high with the mother/daughter ensemble, but the addition of menswear is overkill. I hope that’s not supposed to emulate a heterosexual family, I can’t think of a straight man who won ever don a panda bedecked blazer.

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Not to be confused with Grey Gardens.

There are few things more aesthetically pleasing than a garden. When I was growing up I thought my mother was bat-shit crazy for spending so much time on ours, and effectively turning most of our front yard into a perennial bed. As I grew older I realized that while she is insane, it’s for a multitude of other reasons and our little patch of land is the least of them. (Love ya Nancy)

The three biggest hurdles in growing a garden are space, time, and expenditures. The largest problem by far in urban environments is space. We can barely fit more people in cities as it is, let alone their tiny dogs. One of many good alternatives to a depressing lack of greenery are vertical gardens.

They’re surprisingly versatile when designed to fit the space, climate, and exposure to light. There are a variety of lithophytes (plants that thrive in a soilless environment) and the most they require is excellent drainage. Around the mediterranean basin the exposed cliffs and mountains are completely covered in flora that thrive off minimal surfaces, and can do just as well on a well-engineered wall of PVC pipes and felt.

The manicured walls can be found around apartment buildings, cafes, museums, and even stores.

The above two photos are from the 2009 Replay concept store in Florence. It makes the space that much more enjoyable and the clothes appear more high-end. I remember seeing a lot more vertical gardens in Europe rather than the states. (Is there one right by the Banana Republic in center city, or have I completely lost my mind?) However, I’m hoping we can take a hint from across the pond and implement more vertical gardens in our building design.

Drexel engineers, now you can finally put your soul crushing studies to good use.

via Vertical Garden Design

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An open thank you letter to Amazon.com

Sperry Hingham Boots

Last week I came across a horribly depressing realization- I no longer owned shoes with traction. With a snowstorm of epic proportions on the way and disaster imminent- I did what a sane person would do in similarly dire situations… I went online shopping.

I’d been looking for a pair of Sorel’s for a while, but hadn’t found anything in my cheap and naive price range. I had also just missed the start of the Sorel Rue La La sale by about twenty minutes and was still intensely bitter about that.

Luckily in a fit of desperation I went on Amazon, and through some higher power these boots came up in my “recommended” section. They were still more than I would have liked to pay, but there was one pair in the Amazon warehouse in my size for a ridiculously low price.

Usually I don’t make rash online purchasing decisions, but I didn’t want Brandon to have to carry me back from the bar again. There are only so many thing you should make your friends do. (He even held me up on the slippery bar when I went to get shots, and then ultimately got up there himself with all the other girls. Now that is a true friend.)

With my Amazon prime free student shipping, the boots were on my feet in less than twenty-four hours. They have held up beautifully in the snowpocalypse, and I wholeheartedly recommend the Sperry Hingham boots to anyone who has to trudge through the frozen urban tundra. And through some form of Jew or slut magic I managed to acquire them for a mere $28.99. Thanks Amazon!

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A Pirate’s Life For Me

I’ve always admired the bohemian look but could never pull off the windswept scarves and full-length skirts that evoke a care-free attitude. That’s reserved for the Jack Sparrow’s of the world and I gave up smoking years ago.

However, I’m quite taken with the Scout and Catalogue spring collection.

Half the battle in online shopping is art direction, and they’ve hit their demographic right on the nose. If Anthropologie and Lucky Brand had a bastard child that ran away to go on tour with their boyfriend’s band, this would be it. Or at least until she realized that living in a unmarked van isn’t as appealing as it sounds. Call me a hopeless romantic, but the siren call of running hot water seems to trump all in the end.

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