Golf Clap For Madewell

I’ve always regarded Madewell as J. Crew’s less popular and more introverted sister. The sibling that could be found muffling sobs under the bleachers, as she watched the cheerleaders practice dances she couldn’t perform well enough for try-outs. That girl at prom who got so nervous pinning the boutanniere on her date, she sent him to the hospital with a stab wound. The one who accidentally ate “special” brownies at a party, and spent the next two hours passed out on the back patio and the subsequent pictures showed up in the senior slide show.

However, it seems Madewell has gotten her revenge at last. The spring look book is quite fetching, even on par with J. Crew. They asked noted fashion bloggers to put together statement outfits, and I was happy that one of my favorites was featured. Emily Schuman is one of those effortlessly stylish people whose opinions I trust. On what merit you ask? Mostly because she’s thin and I don’t trust fat people.

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