Daniel Radcliffe, will you be my valentine?

Oh Valentines Day. I’d rather not think of it as singles awareness day like some of my more cynical brethren, but as a thinly veiled plot by the Lifetime channel to emasculate the population and drive up ratings if only for a painful 24 hours.

I prefer to partake in the lesser known but more exciting event simply known as February 15th. There is no real significance to the holiday, other than it’s when all the chocolate and candy goes on sale. This is one of my favorite times of the year, only second to The Day After Easter when Cadbury eggs are finally available to all the Jewish children across the land.

What I am excited for is the launch of Anthropologie’s new bridal line BHLDN (pronounced beholden) available for purchase starting February 14th. In my eyes Anthropologie can do no wrong. Its contemporary twist on vintage apparel, accessories and home décor is always spot on, and gives me the motivation to work hard in hopes of one day being able to afford it in perpetuity. Or settle and gold dig. Both work.

They’ve given a sneak peak to some of the big fashion bloggers and from the leaked photos and blurry iphone snaps circulating the internet, the dresses are gorgeous. I posted some of my favorites, I’m really partial to the top one on the left or the one with the huge fucking bow on it. Huge fucking bows are always an A+ in my book.

Wedding style and décor are one of those things that’s always fun to look at and ruthlessly judge. Regardless if you’ve already walked down the aisle, engaged, or celebrating Valentines day by watching your engineering friends throw a blow up doll off a roof in center city because they won a design contest. (America we are your future)

Other recent launches include my favorite sister branch of Anthropologie-Leifsdottir. They just released the first shots of their shoe line and I was blown away by the art direction. The shoes look great too, but I’m really impressed to the way they shot and styled the terrariums. It’s amazing what one can do with a little shrubbery.

In conclusion, whether you’re celebrating Valentines day with lovers, friends, families, or alone and singing along to a drunk version of Sara Bareilles (hits include To hell I ain’t gonna write you a love song, and who made you the king of fucking anything) I wish you all the best.


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