“My heart may be black, but my shorts are Nantucket red.” – TFM

For the first time in my four years at Drexel, I was allowed to pick my own brand for an advertising class. Halle-fucking-lujah.

At this time last year I was forced to do a series of Sunoco print ads highlighting Nascar. It was painful on so many levels, especially because the creative brief dictated that the ads had to appeal to non-Nascar fans. My main concern was that people found Nascar appealing to begin with. The car drives around the track, the spectators black out and throw beer cans at the track, the car crashes and bursts into flames, the circle of life continues.

There are so many more constructive things one can do with their time other than watching real life hot wheels. Like useless DIY projects. You may have restored that vintage frame you found at the flea market, but still feel just as cold and empty inside. Kind of like what I imagine Nascar feels like.

But I digress. I immediately knew I was going to pick J. Crew for my final (is that even a question?) and it was suggested that I tackle  J. Crew wedding instead of the brand as a whole. It’s a fairly new addition to the brand, therefore there is less collateral and I have more creative freedom. Done and done.

The following images make up my J. Crew wedding mailer piece. All of the photographic images are from various J. Crew catalogues spanning from the early 90’s to today, and I wrote all of the copy. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t damn proud of this, usually I try to find a deeper “meaning” in my projects and go off-topic and into the darker realms of the gray scale. But who needs deeper meaning when their fabulously dressed and rail-thin?

I would have simply posted this on my portfolio site, but I ran out of room and don’t really feel like shelling out money for another domain until after graduation. I have so many more pressing needs- like new loafers.

Front cover, promoting literacy and my favorite color combination.
Back cover biddy

Blurry, but it essentially says this mailer is your "formal invitation to the harmonious union between modern and conventional style." I also added a tiny "byob" at the bottom and completely forgot. In my defense it was also around 3 am and I was going insane.


I scoured the internet and an unfathomable amount of J Crew blogs (that actually exist in perpetuity) for the most obnoxious looking people. I think I succeeded.

I left out "...you gold-digging whore." at the end

Please ignore the shoddily painted nails. Give me a break, it's finals week.

My teacher suggested I take this spread out. Plaid is my kryptonite... so I refused.

By thick and thin I did mean, "your fat years."

I know Jose is missing an accent. And I still really want that flask.

I love kids- as long as they're not my own.

How sick is that luggage?

Little do you know I'm referencing Star Trek.

G-d they're all so attractive.

Call to action page, The NYC location is pretty baller.

Oh, Bif. The envelope it would come in.

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2 Responses to “My heart may be black, but my shorts are Nantucket red.” – TFM

  1. Josh Z. says:

    I think of NASCAR as a sort of blue collar Kentucky Derby—but longer to allow for more drinking. At any rate, that’s a sharp lookin’ mailer. Well done!

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