Hah, finals.

Since printing went fabulously well  like some sort of Chanukah miracle, I thought I’d share some of the holiday spirit. In and out of the labs in under 2.5 hours with minimal color corrections and cursing at monitors and printers is ridiculous, nay unheard of during finals week. The only thing I know of that looks just as happy as I felt….are Kate Spade advertisements. Not only do these bitches look fabulous, but they’re clearly trashed as well. The holiday 2010 ads have some of the best art direction I’ve seen in a while, they’ve clearly captured a festive scene without making the women look too batshit-crazy happy. I can only aspire to host a party like this, but I’m well aware you need things like “money” and “employment” before this can materialize. Until then I will continue to drink Sunday V8 bloody Mary’s with Natalie like it’s our damn patriotic duty. Or just an excuse to check our fake onlinebootycall.com profile and watch South Park. It’s a toss up.

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1 Response to Hah, finals.

  1. Brandon says:

    See, when I read your description, I thought the ads were gonna be classy, and then I saw them.

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